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Mt. Vernon School of Music holds exciting “Spring Recital”

The popular Mount Vernon School of Music continues to grow at a rapid pace and on Saturday, May 7, they held their annual “Spring Recital” at their current home, the Doles Center, before an excited packed theater.

Opening comments came from Judy Williams, who thanked the many parents for having the vision to enroll their children in a school that is educating their children about the arts; teaching them how to become excellent vocalists; and also teaching them to play their favorite instruments – all in a safe environment.











The Mistress of Ceremonies for the spectacular event was Cathy Webb, whose warm personality and great sense of humor kept the large audience smiling and applauding loudly throughout the recital.

Maureen Wilson, director of the music school said, “Our goal is to help students garner a love of music-making that they will have their entire lives. Our school strives to spread the transformative power of music by providing the highest quality music education and experiences to all in the community who seek them.”

The recitalists spanned generations with performers as young as five years old sharing the bill with adults, featuring performers demonstrating their skills on the piano, guitar, and an assortment of other instruments.  Others entertained the audience by singing.












The recital also included an adult trio of guitarists who received a rousing ovation at the end of their performance. The audience was also treated to two adults – one who performed excellently using a trombone and the other one on the drums. They were both extremely talented and entertaining.



Although learning under crowded conditions at the Doles Center, members of the Board continue to seek a new and larger location for the school. The City Council recently approved the sale of a promising building to the school on the city’s foreclosure list, but Mayor Richard Thomas voted down the purchase of the building. “You have individuals that formerly worked for the City of Mount Vernon sitting on the school's Board and that presents a conflict of interest,” said Mayor Thomas. 

Courtesy of Mt.Vernon Inquirer

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